Internship in Spain

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An internship in Spain is a great opportunity to practice your Castilian or your Catalan, not far from home ! It is imperative to have the bases of the “Spanish” language to go there for an internship. Also, we only accept projects of persons who have recognised linguistic skills.

The budget for your internship in Spain

Even though the country is part of the biggest economies of the world, prices are relatively affordable. Yet, it’s difficult to determine a budget without taking the city into account : Barcelona and Madrid for example will be way more expensive than Malaga, Cadiz or San Sebastian. But no worries : we are here to help you finance your mobility in Spain.

What you need to know

In Spain, you speak Castilian or Catalan, not Spanish. The inhabitants do not appreciate this conflation so you might as well take it into account. A few facts to write down about Spain : with the 2008 financial crisis, a lot of young adults live with their family. Other fact : a few steps away from Spain, you can also learn English. Yes, for this, go to Gibraltar !

Your internship in Spain

An internship in Spain will be very complicated to get if your linguistic level is non-existent. The country offers varied possibilities : everyone can find their groove and benefit from a rewarding experience. To sharpen your internship project abroad, contact us : it’s free and commitment-free. We can target cities to find the internship of your choice in Cervantès’ country !

You want to find an internship in Spain ? Prepare your resume in Castilian or Catalan, and in French. Contact us so that we can then work on your project, and get you the best experience possible in Spain. Our searches for internships are made on a case-by-case basis. Also, we only propose tailor-made internships ! Therefore, for a skills-carrier internship, let’s go, contact the team International Horizons !