Internship in Slovenia

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An internship in Slovenia ? A great opportunity to discover a Western country. Yes, Western Europe.  This is a country full of opportunities, and the landscapes are really breathtaking ! The only thing with Slovenia, is to refuse to leave your internship !

Budget for your internship in Slovenia

Despite being closed to Italy, Slovenia is still a cheap country. A 700€ monthly budget will be enough for your accommodation, your food, and your transportation. International Horizons will help you with mobility grants.

What you need to know about Slovenia

Architecture in Slovenia has been untouched since years and years, the cities are really lovely. A few short stories about Slovenia : there are no racist party in Slovenia because no one cares. No ecologist party, because everyone is concerned by ecology. There are unlimited fruits and tea in the slovenian high schools. All inhabitants are sport fans. Slovenian people are talking in average 3.2 languages : this is the highest rate in Europe ! If you want to discover a peaceful and friendly country, Slovenia is definitely one of the best choice in Europe.

Your internship in Slovenia

Finding an internship in Slovenia is not easy, but when you have, it worths it. The country has a lot of professional opportunities in several areas : marketing, communication, culture, engineering, industries. The whole economic sectors are represented in Slovenia.

To do your internship in Slovenia, this is simple. Send us your CV in English. Then, the International Horizons Team calls you back in order to build together your internship abroad project, and seize the best internship ever ! The internships we offered are always tailor-made : this means that we adapt our research according to your criteria. So to develop your skills through a great internship in Slovenia, be quick and contact us, and you will be soon in internship in Slovenia.