Internship in Slovakia

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An internship in Slovakia ? This is an opportunity to discover a country still unknown by people in general. And also having the chance to explore a dynamic country. To define Slovakia : you can note beautiful castles, mountains as far as your eyes can see, and an History in the really heart of Europe. 

The budget for your internship in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the most affordable countries in the European Union. We advise a 700€ budget per month to live there, including housing, transportation and food. Even though Slovakia is affordable, we insist on the necessity to make sure you have a budget to go, and not find yourself penniless. Also, International Horizons helps you to build your budget for your internship abroad.

What you need to know

When we go to Slovakia, there is a first mistake not to be made. Indeed, you should never tell a Slovak that he or she speaks Czech. Despite the linguistic closeness between both countries, Slovak people appreciate that we note the difference ! Otherwise, by carrying out an internship in Slovakia, you’re going to Central Europe. It’s your chance to visit the border countries with almost no money needed. Moreover, International Horizons has a lot of tips to give you : make the most of our free advice !

Your internship in Slovakia

Just as every destination for internships that we offer, International Horizons alway proposes a tailor-made internship to you. We adapt our research according to each profile in order to satisfy not only the requirements of the internship agreement, but also to satisfy your desires for skills. Also, even an internship in yachting is possible : Slovakia owns numerous spots lakefront !

Therefore, to go in Slovakia : send your resume in English. Then, the team will call you back to build the best opportunity possible for your internship abroad. With us, you maximise your chances to find your internship in Europe.

You want to do your internship in Slovakia ? Then, contact us !