Internship in Portugal

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For your internship in Portugal, this is necessary to speak Portuguese. Spanish won’t be accepted, only Portuguese: we only accept people who master the linguistic art of Portuguese. Below, you will find a few lines to help you in deciding whether Portugal is your next internship destination or not.

Budget for your internship in Portugal

Despite the economic increase of Portugal these last few years, the country is still cheap. We advise you to anticipate a budget of 750€ per month to face your accommodation, your food and your trips around the country. First advantage : wherever you are in Europe, you will find airlines to go to Porto, Faro or Lisbon !

What you need to know

The Portugal is not the country of masonry : stop to the clichés ! Portugal is considered as the country of surfing, festivals and churches. Portuguese people are really welcoming when you are doing the effort to speak their language. They are not very happy to hear people talking to them in Spanish. And we don’t blame them for Euro 2016, we will take our revenge in Euro 2020 !

Your internship in Portugal

Doing an internship in Portugal will allow you to discover a lot of opportunities for an internship abroad. Primary and tertiary sectors are the most represented than the industrial sector. But no worries, International Horizons will find you any internship for you in Portugal !

Ready to go ? The Team International Horizons will find your tailor-made internship. Send us your CV in Portuguese and in English, so that we can call you back and build, together, your internship in Portugal. We will help you to improve your CV in order to maximise your chance to find your internship abroad.

Already sure you want to discover Portugal through an internship ? Let’s go ! Don’t be shy and contact us !