Internship in Lithuania

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Discovering Lithuania through an internship is a nice opportunity ! This Baltic country has a lot to offer, and you might be surprised by all the experiences you are going to do ! Be sure to read this article to prepare in good conditions your internship in Lithuania.

Budget for your internship in Lithuania

Lithuania is a really cheap country : only 500€ will be enough to cover your accommodation, transportation,  and food. This is a really important “detail” when you are experiencing an internship abroad. We really insist on preparing the financial part of your internship : it would be a pity not to discover all the country because of not having enough anticipated.

Our advice 

Lithuania still has some difficulties, and has sometimes to face homophobia and racism. By now, International Horizons refuses to let students go to Vilnius, and we prefer Kaunaas. This town is the second one of the country, and much more tolerant than the capital. This is a big student city : no worries to send you there !

What you need to know 

Lithuania finally came out of USSR, and joined European Union in 2004. The russian markets are still there, and these are must-sees ! Short story : the country is a big fan of pomgranate. The capital is beautiful and there are lot to see in the country. Besides, you are only a few hours away from the other Baltic countries and Bielorussia : a great oppportunity to visit during your week-ends !

Your internship in Lithuania

This is not easy to find an internship in Lithuania, but International Horizons is here to help you.  Recently, the country decided to open up on the global economic market and grew a lot : there always be a place for you.

Ready to go to Lithuania in internship ? So get your Cv in English ready. Then, International Horizons is calling you and together, we build the best project so that your internship will be a success ! Then, we will maximise your chance to find an internship that will develop your skills.

Lithuania convinced you ? Don’t be shy and contact us !