Internship in Latvia

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Your internship in Latvia is the perfect opportunity to discover that our Estern neighbors aren’t far at all. This little country which is borded by Lituania in the South and Estonia in the North, has an incredible wealth and is still unknown by people : take your chance. And if you think that Paris is beautiful, Riga will surprise you. 

Budget for your internship in Latvia 

This is the most expensive of baltic countries: but it’s still reasonnable. Indeed, you will have housing + food + your transportation for less than 600 euros per month. It’s the opportunity to spend less money and enjoy visiting countries not far from Latvia and even go to Finland.

What you need to know

Riga, the capital, offers a beautiful architecture : you may be confused by staying in Paris and not in Riga. Surprised ? Not really, when you know a bit of History about this little country. Short story about Latvia : 13% of  the population is stateless.  You have still many things to discover about this little european country. Do your internship in Latvia to make an internship abroad !

Your internship in Latvia

It’s one of the highest economic growth and lowest unemployement in European Union.

Moreover, you can find many many internships opportunities. Primary sector is not that much represented except for agriculture. Fishing and forestry represents two main domains well represented in Latvia. 

Real interships opportunities exist in steel and aluminium industries as well as mechanical engineering, in mecatronics engineering and in medical sector.

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