Internship in Italy

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For your internship in Italy, you must speak Italian. We prefer to let you know : we can’t accept your request if you can’t speak a bit of Italian. But if you can : benvenuta/o !

Budget for your intership in Italy

Budget depends on the town and the period of the year : it can be complicated to determine it. Between 700€ and 1200€ per month. So to define your budget, the easiesth way would be to contact us: this is free and without any commitment. International Horizons will advise you to finance your intership in Italy.

What you need to know

Italy numbers the biggest part of Unesco monument in the world : almost  50% ! The country offers many landscapes, and even the local culture is different according to where you are, in the north or in the south. About your intership abroad: in Italy, Management is very priorized. However, Italian people are generous, and you’ll probably have a wonderful welcome ! Whether you are in Bari, Palermo, Firenze, Roma, Venezia, Torino, Milano, Udino… your intership will be sunny ! 

Your internship in Italy

Italy has a really strong economy : everything is possible. This is one of most developped country in a economic way in the world, so for your intership, there are no limits ! To remind you : this is really mandatory to have basic knowledge in italian to go to Italy in internship.

Ready for your internship in Italy ? So, send us your CV in English and Italian. Then, we call you back and build together, your international internship. Working with International Horizons is a good opportunity for your intership. Also note that all our interships are all tailor-made, therefore they are adapted for your needs and desires.

Already sure that  you want to discover Italy through an internship ? You’re right, contact us and find your internship abroad!