Internship in Ireland

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Ireland is one of the 3 English speaking countries in Europe. Doing an internship in Ireland means you are having a great professional experience in the country called the Celtic Tiger ! So before taking your decision, please read these few lines.

Budget for your internship in Ireland

The country is affordable, a bit cheaper than France for example. You need a 800€ monthly budget to live in Ireland. This budget includes food, accommodation and transportation. What else ? You can get there by ferry or by plane, quickly and this it not that expensive. We do have lot of tips to get there if you need. Thanks to International Horizons, you will go to Ireland by the cheapest way. Be sure to anticipate your internship in Ireland by contacting us enough time before your internship starting date.

What you need to know

Before your internship in Ireland, a few important information. The country is really welcoming and cheerful. If you like sharing moments with your friends around a drink in a pub, and meet people quite easily, don’t hesitate and go in Ireland! Also keep in mind that the country is ideal to discover a millennium country, breathtaking landscapes and a cheerful culture (we won’t say it enough times ! ).

Your internship in Ireland

Each internship is found in a tailor-made way. Ireland offers many possibilities : tourism, agribusiness, agriculture, ecology, water sports, high technologies, education are represented all over the country.

Before candidating, be sure to have the right budget to live in Ireland. Although the living cost of life is cheaper, you still need a budget to wander around the country to visit it : Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway… and even enjoy to be close to England ! And of course, you will discover celtic culture, and enjoy a lot of festivals all along the year.

Sure you want to go to Ireland to do your internship abroad ? You just need to contact us to build your internship abroad project.