Internship in Hungary

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By doing an internship in Hungary, you will take a risk : not willing to come back to your country. Indeed, this country is beautiful. Full of culture and History, you  will soon fall in love of this destination. In a few lines, we are sure you will be convinced by Hungary. 

Budget for your internship in Hungary

The country is quite cheap. And the period of the year doesn’t matter . Also, we advise you to anticipate your budget and get approximatively 600 € per month to live and enjoy your intership abroad. You need at least to visit the thermal stations of Hungary !

What you need to know

The country is located in the heart of Europe: you can easily go to Czech Republic, in Austria, in Slovakia, in Slovenia. You can start by visiting Budapest, the georgous capital which faces Praha regarding tourism. A must-see : be sure to spend 2 days to go to Balaton Lake. We won’t spoil anything about this magic place, go and see by yourself. 

Your internship in Hungary

In International Horizons, our internships are all tailor-made. As well, they are adapted to your skills and your expectations. Hungary offers many activities, an economy represented by every domain. You will find the skills you are looking for in Hungary.  We  will help you to  find the internship in the domain you want, in the  wished sector so that you will come back to your country with skills developed during your internship, and some other discovered during it. 

Before contacting us, be sure you have your English CV ready. We will help you to improve it, to highlight your skills. And, thanks to International Horizons, you will maximize your chances to go on an international internship.

You want to go and do an internship in Hungary ? yes ! yes ! so contact us, we will help you to find the internship that suits you, to benefit from an real experience and discover this georgous country !