Internship in Greece

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An internship in Greece is the best way to combine work and pleasure. The country offers many possibilities and everyone can find the internship that will suit him/her perfectly. Be prepared, and read and enjoy these few lines to help you in choosing your next internship destination.

Budget for your internship in Greece

All depends on the season and the place of your internship. Anyway, Greece is one of the most affordable country in Europe. International Horizons suggests you to leave with a 750€ monthly budget for your accommodation, your food, and a few trips around the islands : Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorin, etc… We have exclusive partnerships with luxury hotels in Greece for long stay internships.

What you need to know in Greece

Greece is a millennium country, which is at the democracy origin. This is one of the countries which accommodates the most ancient monuments in the world : temples and its homeric legends. You also need to know an essential point for your interaction with people : don’t say hello to someone by handing up ! This means that you are damning this person on 5 generations. Last but absolutely not least, doing an internship in Greece means also the discovery of their gastronomy, and we can assure you that you won’t regret your stay in Greece.

Your internship in Greece

An internship in Greece is an excellent opportunity to discover : water sports, tourism, agrifood industry, agriculture, aquaculture, renewable energies, sport. There also other areas that we invite you to discover by doing your internship abroad with us.

Ready to do your internship in Greece ? Get ready and prepare your CV in English. Then, International Horizons calls you back to build the best project and seize the opportunity to improve your skills through an internship abroad ! We will be in touch to boost your career !

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