Internship in Finland

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Finland is the youngest country in Northern Europe : indeed, in 2017, they celebrated their 100th birthday ! Doing an internship in Finland means discovering the Santa Claus country ! But also discovering aurora borealis, huge lakes, or Lapland ! But before leaving your country to do your internship in Finland, you need a few information about it.

Budget for your internship in Finland

The country is quite expensive for a middle class european citizen. So you need to anticipate a 1000€ monthly budget to live in Finland. Indeed, food and short-let accommodation are most expensive than in most of the countries in Europe. So, please, be aware to our advice and take care to get enough money to candidate to any internship in Finland.

What you need to know about your internship in Finland

Before doing an internship in Finland, you need to be aware of 2 things. First, during winter, light is coming only 4 hours a day, and the sky can be grey during several days. In winter, it is very cold : until -40° in the inhabited areas. Nevertheless, living in Finland is really nice. One of the keywords in Finland is trust, and people are really respectful. The country is calm and soft.

Your internship in Finland

Each of our internships are found in a tailor-made way. The country offers many internships possibilities, in any kind of domain. Ecology, architecture, design, culture, mechatronics, tourism or marketing are fully represented in Finland.

Before candidating, be sure to have the right budget to assume the living cost in Finland. Indeed, going abroad through an internship, this is great, but this will be much nicer if you can enjoy fully by travelling across the country : visiting Rovianemi, observing aurora borealis in Lapland, taking a ferry in Helsinki to discover Tallinn, or riding a bus to discover Sweden !

Already convinced to do an internship in Finland ? Don’t hesitate anymore, contact us !