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Internship in Estonia

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Your internship in Estonia, it’s towards Tallinn ! This magnificent Baltic port capital offers unbelievable internship opportunities. And, lucky you, International Horizons knows the country very well. One of the members of the team has been there several times, he will be able to give you many good deals to make the most of your internship in Estonia.

The budget for your internship in Estonia

It’s not expensive, despite the arrival of Euro, sorry for the sharp tongues ! A budget of 600€ up to 650€ will be enough to cover your fees for rental, transportation and food, each month. The prices do not vary according to the season. Indeed, despite its strong touristic potential, Estonia remains pretty unknown internationally speaking.

What you need to know

Estonia welcomes lots of students in the weekends. The Finn people come by ferry from Helsinki to get fresh supplies: the country is a lot cheaper than Finland. It’s a go-ahead country, with one of the best standards of living in the European Union. Indeed, even if salaries are not very high in Estonia, prices are even lower !

Your internship in Estonia

There are many unmissable opportunities in the service sector, engineering, fishing, but most of all in the import-export business. Also, if you’re fond of culture, it’s a sector in need as well. Estonia’s two main economic partners are Sweden and Finland. Moreover, finding an internship in Estonia can sometimes be complicated, but nevertheless the country wants to hire interns so why deprive yourself ?

Are you ready to go exploring Estonia ? Send your resume in French and in English to International Horizons. Then, we will call you back to discuss and build your internship project. Our job: help you find the internship that will make a difference in your experience, and allow you to go abroad in the best conditions. Besides, we have plenty of tips to give you to help you finance your mobility.

Convinced by Estonia ? Then, GO, GO, GO, International Horizons is waiting for your application ! And if you still have questions, it’s this way : here.