Internship in Denmark

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Your internship in Denmark ? This is an internship abroad, situated in a really peaceful country which has a exceptional rate of happiness ! And this is what we like about Denmark. These are a few lines to discover this surprising country !

Budget for your internship in Denmark

We are not going to lie to you. Indeed, living in Denmark is quite expensive. Like Sweden, Finland or Norway, Denmark is an expensive country which asks you to prepare a significant budget before your arrival. The living cost is higher : accommodation as your general daily shopping. So, before leaving France for Denmark, we will discuss with you about this matter to be sure you will be able to enjoy to the fullest your internship in Denmark! You need to prepare around 1000€ per month to live in good conditions in Denmark.

What you need to know about an internship in Denmark

Denmark is beautiful and full of colors ! And above all, trust is everywhere among the inhabitants. This is a short story you will notice when you are in Denmark : children are often alone outside, while parents are doing shopping. Why would we put them inside whereas they can play outside without any fear ? This country has a lot to offer. During an internship or during your holidays, you need to go to Denmark : culture is far away from ours. We don’t want to spoil you : go and see by yourself !

Your internship in Denmark

Internships in Denmark, as all our internships, are tailor-made. Denmark is really impressive when we are talking about opportunities : in its culture, in its economic vivacity, its range of possibilities. So we are able to offer you internships in whatever area you want : engineering, industries, marketing, communication, tourism… We can’t put everything here.

To do an internship in Denmark, send us your CV. We will work on it during our first interview together. Sometimes, students can forget some skills, and we are here to highlight it, and help you to create the CV that fits you.

You want to do your internship in Denmark ? Be quick, check your budget and send us your CV !