Internship in Czech Republic

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Your internship in Czech Republic ? This is the best way to discover a welcoming and dynamic country. Besides, more and more airlines are deserving Prague, enjoy it fully ! You will find below more information to help your in taking your decision.

Budget for your internship in Czech Republic

The country is not expensive. But, be careful with short-let accommodation around Christmas and Easter holidays, the prices are increasing a lot ! Anyway, the country is globally cheaper than England or France for example : a budget of 700€ monthly will be enough to live fully. With this budget, you will enjoy visiting Czech Republic and even Austria !

What you need to know

Your internship in Czech Republic will be the opportunity to discover a great country. Everything is here : architecture, gastronomy, culture, landscapes. You will appreciate the country, whatever you like, everything is possible with Czech Republic, whatever your hobbies are. Plus, people are really open minded, nice and pay attention of your culture. It’s a really nice country to get an internship abroad. 

Your internship in Czech Republic

As for all the countries we offer, all internships are found in a tailor-made way, in relation wih your wishes and your profile. The country has no maritime coast, it will be complicated to find something in relation with water sports. But this is the only downside. Everything else is here, everything. And special mention to engineering, tourism and ecology.

No need to send us your CV in Czech, a CV in English will be enough (and mandatory). We will help you then to improve it, and highlight your skills. Even without having already worked, there are always useful skills which will help you to find your internship abroad.

You want to do your internship in Czech Republic ? Let’s go, contact us !