Your internship in Thailand

Are you looking for an internship in Thailand? Do you want to speak English while discovering a new culture and enrich your professional and human experience? Thailand reaches you! And this is good news, this country-continent has many surprises for you.

The cities of Thailand are as numerous as they are varied; this country has many surprises. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Chiang Rai … all have their charms and assets! For an internship abroad, we require that the internship be at least two months, otherwise we will be obliged to refuse the file.

To do an internship in Thailand is to develop your professional skills: business service, communication, business, marketing, IT, SEO, sports events, art, culture, engineering and many other activities! Thailand is an incredible country that offers thousands of possibilities, so do not wait a minute to send us your application and hope to fly to the crossing of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

How do we work ?

As soon as the goals are established, we will research and find the perfect internship offer for you. Be careful : be sure to contact us enough time before your starting date. Thaïland receives loads of applications, it is safer to anticipate to seize the better internships opportunities in Thaïland.

Rates: 350€ (Effective payment when your internship agreement is signed).



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