How do we work ?

International Horizons is giving you the opportunity to discover a humanitarian experience. Have a look on our program ‘humanitarian internship’. An intense adventure, human and professional. This program is offering a full package : internship, accommodation, food, bleaching, and transfers in/out airport. So let’s discover Senegal or Mali, through a humanitarian experience, do an internship, and be solidary of an association.

To participate to our internship program specialized in humanitarian in Senegal or Mali, the fees are  330€ + 20€ which are given to the association you choose.

The opportunity to develop your skills, by being solidary and involved in a human experience.

What kind of internship do we offer ?

Internship in Ecology

We are regularly looking for ecologic profiles to fight against deforestation and help the Lampsar population. If you are willing to be involved in an adventure with human and ecological goals, this internship has been made for you !

Internship in Library

We are looking for interns in the high schools of Senegal to index, fill and manage the collections, make available the works, develop library’s activities. Archivist students, this internship is for you !

Internship in Webmastering

Humanitarian associations also needs webmasters.informatician interns : setting up of the informatic reds, equipment caring and management, website development, etc… There are many missions : contact us know more !

Internship as sport instructor

This internship is about encourage education through sport ! Martial arts, water sports, cycling : everything is possible. To participate to this adventure, you need to be licensed in a sport club, or have a diploma in sport. Educate young people through sport in a humanitarian experience, this is possible!

Medical / social internship

Students from Medical or Social trainings are welcomed. You can participate to the awareness of the population. The main goal : be actor of the preventive healthcare, participate to the awareness campaigns to a large public, interact with the schools.

Internship in Eco-construction

Our humanitarian red is requesting interns in eco-construction : engineering, architecture internship, renewable energies internship. Each profile finds missions adapted to them, and in the same time being solidary.

Internship in Project Management

Many reds in Senegal are lacking of finance and time. We are looking for project management interns. You need to be autonomous and careful about the watch and the management. Come and do a humanitarian internship in Senegal !

Water treatment internship

The aim of this internship is to promote the water treatment in the educational domain but also among the local councils in Senegal. The goal is to find better tools, improve what is currently existing to encourage this access to drinkable water : you think you are the best intern to do it ? Contact us

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