You are willing to do an international internship ? Your school requires an internship abroad ? We are here to help you.

We strongly believe that an international internship vehicles personal and professional enrichment. Living an experience of internship abroad ? This is the best way to be sure to anticipe your arrival in the capricious working world. Regularly, this experience is hard to set up, and the internship hard to find. No worries ! International Horizons is in charge of finding your tailor-made internship in one of the following countries : Ireland, Malta, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, but also Mexico, Taiwan and Australia.

Here there are no tricks ! We are looking for a tailor-made internship, exactly adapted to your expectation, and the ones from your school. The payment of 200€ is only effective once you and the company validated the missions, after the signature of your school, vocational training center, high school, etc… So before contacting us to build your internship abroad project, be sure you have your CV in French and English + your internship agreement from a prescriber : school, university, private or public organism.

We require the internship agreement before starting the research for your internship abroad. Indeed, all the companies in the world needs to know the contract terms. So we don’t accept any request without having received the internship agreement, and we are not able to provide any internship agreement.

Our method :

We find your internship abroad, but that’s not all ! You can receive many tips from us : how to reach your destination cheaply, or how to get grants for your internship abroad. To do so, connect you on our Facebook page, and have a look on the different articles we are publishing on our blog. Please keep in mind that all questions are useful : don’t hesitate to ask us. We are here to help you and might be able to answer to you and some others by publishing an article about your question, so everyone can have the answer.

We organize a phone call after received your request. This interview is here to help us to understand your internship project, and it happens according to your availability between 8 am and 8 pm. After the interview, we will let you know about the approval of your request or not. We will get back to you for a longer interview on Skype or by phone. Then, we will inform you about the companies we found by Skype/Mail/Whatsapp/SMS according to your wishes.

The payment of 200€ is effective only when these 2 criteria are OK :

Oral and written validation from you

Internship agreement signed by the company

Already convinced that our method without commitment is the good one to fly towards a rewarding experience where you will improve your skills ? Contact us !

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