Cultural stays in Europe

We organize cultural stays in Europe for your students in Europe. We currently work on several destinations for your cultural stays : Slovenia, Ireland, Malta, Hungary, Latvia. Of course, our team is open-minded and ready to work on other european destinations according to your wishes.

The stays are organized on several themes : culture, history, youth meetings, companies meetings. You can also choose to mix all the themes for a fully international cultural stay.

Cultural stays don’t have any limited duration. All of our stays are “a la carte “, and the quotes are tailor-made, according to your wishes and your needs for your project. To receive a free quote without commitment, to discuss about it, or to build a customizable project according to your students needs, you can click here.


Let’s go to Dublin ! Our cultural stays abroad, in Ireland, are taking place in the clover capital! The celtic tiger is always surprising us, and Dublin is big enough to enjoy different type of rewarding activities.


Slovenia is still an unknown country, but this is a real european jewel. There is always something to see, and to do : you will be really amazed !. Your students will be in the right place to be out of their usual path, and learn a lot from Slovenia. We really LOVE Slovenia ! 


Cultural stay in a Baltic country : let’s go to Latvia ! Riga is an architectural mix between all the destinations you have already discovered, a real pleasure to wander in. This also the opportunity to learn more about the big europeans wars : surprising.


For a cultural stay in Malta, we built a wandering project through two different islands (Malta and Gozo) for a full discovery ! We particularly advise this destination for the students in Tourism, Culture, Heritage.


Do your cultural stay in Hungary, and we will bring you to Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The country is slightly becoming a place-to-be for the startup world (such as Estonia and Poland ) : there are so many opportunities.


Let’s contact us to speak about your project and build the best one for your student.

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