European mobility : a way to exchange and to enrich yourself !

You are willing to organize a European Exchange Program ?  You want to make your students discover a new language in Europe, and in the same time offer them a professional experience ? We are here to help you. ECAS, PIC ? You are not friend with these words ? We are here to help you.

We definitely believe in european mobilities as vectors of professional but also human enrichment. Besides, living an experience abroad, for your students, will allow them to anticipate the working world and add a professional internship abroad to their experiences. It will help them to comfort or to develop their languages. We offer placement solutions which combine internship and immersion in a host family or in an hostel so your students can fully discover the language and the culture.

Please note that the companies are selected for their great welcoming but also for the quality of the missions and the care they are offering to the interns.

European Exchange Program Organisation

Host families are strictly selected after visits, interviews, pictures and criminal records (it has to be virgin to be selected). The families also signed a quality charter. They are offering an half-board / full-board welcoming. We are caring about the family we give to your student : we are attentive to his diet plan and his interest to find the perfect family !

We also offer, without any supplement, a free tour of the city they are coming so your students can discover their new environment. Before their arrival, we always organised interviews through Skype (one by one, or by groups if they prefer) : we can start a good relationship with them, and be sure they will have a great experience when they arrive.

Rate is changing according the cities. Contact us to talk about your project and we will build together a tailor-made project for the best experience ever ! We can help you with the writing of European Exchange Programs to earn finances and facilitate your mobilities on the European territory.  


International Horizons find the best internship for you students. We take care of each students and their expectations. First we have an interview with all students, then we look for internship.

An internship is the best way to increase soft skills and hard skills. Plus, students will improve their French.

All companies we are working with take commitements and firm ou quality chart.

Host Families

Our center place your students in host families. They are all selected by our strict process, and they all firm our chat quality.

All family with criminal record can not be selected.

Full or half pension : it’s up to you. We think family are the best way to learn a language. Plus, through them, students will discover a new culture, and will open they mind.


We also can add some lessons for your students before their departure or, during their stay in Frrance.

Internship is the opportunity to gain skills : International Horizons offer several lessons for students, feel free to ask us.

We also can help student to prepare their stay with a short training of maximum 2 days.


Nantes is the ideal city if you want to organize a European exchange program thanks to its several advantages. We would be pleased to help you to organize your students stay by finding an internship for each of them and a host family in Nantes.

First of all, Nantes is a real economic place and offers many internships for foreign students : business, digital, aeronautics, food-processing industry, tourism, logistics, finance and many others… are really present in the area of Nantes. This dynamic city with a great growth appeals more and more active youth who are looking for a professional experience.

If you organize a European exchange program in Nantes, you will also let your students discover a town rich in culture. Present in the French history since Antiquity, the town played an important role in the Brittany union, which was independent ever since. The Château des Ducs de Bretagne is clearly an evidence of it. The Cathedral of Nantes and the Passage Pommeraye (a fantastic architectural place become Monument Historique) also worth it. These are some great ideas of place to visit during your European exchange program. Nantes is also the town of Jules Verne because it was his place of birth and where he spent his youth.

Between artistic and literature world, the “Voyages de l’Extraordinaire” of the writer generated great ideas in the Ile of Nantes, called “ Les Machines de l’ile”. Several giant articulated machines such as an elephant, submarine animals, a spider became symbols of the town. This visit will be unforgettable !

By organizing a European mobility in Nantes, you will also let your students discover the great surroundings of Nantes. You can reach beaches within 30 minuts by car, and some nice little towns can be visited along the beaches such as Le Pouliguen or Pornichet. Salted marshes will be also interesting to visit, and you can end the day by visiting the medieval city of Guerande with its impressive fortification. If your students are studying oenology, what about a wine tour in the Loire grapevines only one hour drive from Nantes ? After a week of internship, your students will be happy to enjoy their week-end by doing some cultural visits in Nantes or in its surroundings. If they want to relax and stay in Nantes, don’t worry, the town is fun as by day as by night with many bars and restaurants.

You would like to build an European exchange program with an internship for your students ? Contact us by email or by phone, we will be pleased to help you to create together the best project for your students.


Organizing a European exchange program for your students allow them to live a rewarding experience, through a part of France History, in an exceptional maritime front.

Lorient and its region are full of History : whereas the Dutch East Indian Company already has a great part of the Indian Ocean business, Louis XIV authorized the creation of the French East Indian Company in August 1664 : so they have the monopoly on Asia and can make business by fitting the ships out. In June 1666, the city of Le Havre is already submerged by work, so the French East Indian Company moved to Port Louis, in the Lorient’s bay today.

Lorient is also well-known for the marks left by World War II, which tore Europe and the world up : the submarine base, blockhauss along the coast, submarines ( and the “Flore” can be visited), abri anti-atomique = non atomic shelter ??.

Lorient and its surroundings changed and adapted itself to a changing economy : today, the town can offer  to the youth interested by European exchange programs, internships in different domains such as engineering,  hotels, tourism, art, theater, events – Festival Interceltique for example- , bakeries and many others, and of course, water sports. Lorient can be proud of its range of companies specialized into water sports, from mechanism to research.

Organizing a European exchange program for your student also allows them to live in a beautiful region: kilometers of coast and beaches, ideal to do surf sessions, sailing… but also discover the south of Brittany: Guidel and its hiking trails or kayaking trails, Languidic and its agriculture, Pont-Scorff and its odysseum, Vannes and its old town, Concarneau and its closed city, Port-Louis and its citadel, Carnac and its standing stones (Menhirs).

Lorient is a contrasted area which opens the possibilities to do an internship in Brittany; welcoming persons will be caring your students to maximize their professional and personal experience.

You would like to build a European exchange program with an internship for your students? Contact us by email or by phone, we will be pleased to help you to create together the best project for your students.


Welcome in Caen, cultural capital of Normandy ! This lovely town has all the advantages to welcome a European exchange program. International Horizons will help you to organize your stay by finding an internship for each of your student, and a host family in Caen.

If you want to organize a European exchange program, you will give the opportunity to your students to improve their CV by doing a professional experience in France in a lovely town. Industry, automobile, microelectronics, electronic money, horse riding, healthcare, logistics, food process industry, or tourism, International Horizons will find an internship for each of your students in each domain he/she needs.

Caen is first of all an historic town. And what an historic town ! Town of William the Conqueror in the eleventh century, the city preserves a beautiful architectural heritage such as the Castle or the Abbaye aux Hommes or the Abbaye aux Dames (abbeys). Visiting Caen gives the opportunity to bring your students on the medieval path of William the Conqueror.

If you organize a European exchange program in Caen, your students will discover the surroundings. In the contemporary history, Caen distinguishes itself by its proximity with the D-Day beaches such as Ouistreham situated at 30 minuts by car. The Memorial of Caen, mainly about World War II, is by the way a must-see visit during your stay.

Within 1h30 by car, you will enjoy as well the Mont Saint Michel, jewel of the Occident, lost in the middle of its bay and its tides. Listed among the Unesco heritage, it’s one of the most visited places in France. Don’t hesitate to drive until Honfleur and Deauville, lovely tipical towns where you can wander by a sunny Sunday.

You would like to build an European exchange program with an internship for your students ? Contact us by email or by phone, we will be pleased to help you to create together the best project for your students.

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