We are here to help you with your experiences, internships abroad, your european exchange programs, your future.
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Internship in France

Thanks to our free application, you can find your internship in France. The algorithm only selects the adapted offers to your profile, skills and wishes : you are sure to find the internship which really suits you !

International Internship

Our team supports you in your internship abroad research : Taiwan, Mexico, Australia. Many destinations to show your skills during your internship abroad !

Internship in Europe

You can choose among our several destinations : Ireland, Finland, Malta, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Romania, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland. Together, we build your experience of internship abroad.

Humanitarian Training Mission

Thanks to our exclusive partner in Senegal, we offer you a wide range of humanitarian training missions with many tasks to help with ! Contact us to know more about our offers and do volunteering !

Erasmus + European Exchange Program

International Horizons can help you with Erasmus + european projects about youth on many domains. First, european mobility : in the setting of politics set up by Europe, HI is taking part in mobility projects through Europe, by helping young people finding internships and host families. They can combine language learning and skills development.

International Horizons has also initiated a European project to help the young disadvantaged people to be socially included in Europe, and more particularly, in the working world.   The project named “ Hypen Towards Future “ has been co-written by the PIJ of Quéven, KOKEN Nicosia (Cyprus), CIE Riga (Latvia), Zavod BOB Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Our services
Our team is dedicated to create you the best internship & experience abroad. We offer several services in the aim to make you increase your skills. International Horizons also work with Schools to build group experience abroad : feel free to share your project with us.
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You can find here all our destinations. These below are a few examples of destinations

Our destinations

They are here to help Youth !
Mariannick Guennec - Head Teacher
I’m working with International Horizons on a European Erasmus + Project, and we worked on it with KOKEN, ZAVOD BOB, and CIE. A volunteer project which International Horizons is leading for the young disadvantaged people !
Jonathan Chopard _ PIJ Queven
What a great internship abroad ! Thanks to International Horizons, I did an internship in Latvia : it was so great ! I learnt a lot, and even though I was surprised by the destination, I didn’t regret it : Latvia is a beautiful country !
Alex B - Student
An efficient team Reactive, friendly and efficient ! The HI Team always finds good profiles and is always attentive to validate the missions and skills before offering us interns profiles !
Maryne G - Import/Export

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